Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Essential 21 Tips For Windows 8.1

Now that we've all got over the shock of massive, bright, animated tiles in Windows, Microsoft has discharged version eight.1 as a refinement of its vision of a unified multi-platform package. There square measure a couple of tweaks of note, each in its surface look and deeper down, and the following tips can bring you right up to hurry with what is new and updated within the latest package.

1. Use the beginning button
Let's begin with the beginning button, reinstated in eight. 1 once being omitted from Windows eight. It truly does not do way more than the previous bottom-left hot corner did, however several can realize it encouraging anyway -- click the beginning button to state the beginning screen (or to travel back to the desktop), or right-click to access key system sections (such because the board and Task Manager).

2. Boot straight to the desktop
Whereas we're on the subject of undoing all the changes Windows eight led to, let's mention booting straight to the desktop, currently doable in Windows eight.1 for those with Associate in Nursing aversion to huge slippy blocks of color. Right-click on the desktop taskbar, opt for Properties and so open up the Navigation tab -- tick the highest possibility beneath the beginning screen heading else to the desktop (and come back thereto once there are not any apps open).

3. Customize the beginning screen
If you're a disciple of the beginning screen, there square measure currently a lot of choices for customizing it -- you'll be able to name individual teams of shortcuts, access a lot of reminder color, and switch between 3 app tile sizes. Right-click on the beginning screen and opt for Customize to vary cluster names and tile sizes; open the Settings charm and opt for personalize to access the wallpaper and color choices.

4. create playlists from Bing
If you haven't already noticed , Microsoft is extremely keen on integration its premier apps as closely as doable. strive looking for your favorite creative person in Bing victimisation the net somebody begin screen app; with the results on show, open the Share charm. you will notice there is a Music possibility there to form a listing supported the creative person you have explore for, which might are available handy once you are searching for the simplest new band of the week.

5. Check app sizes
Open up the Settings charm, then opt for modification laptop settings > Search and apps > App sizes. Windows 8.1 presents you with a listing of your presently put in apps, with the most important at the highest -- this could be helpful if you are looking to unlock some house on your Winchester drive (or tablet's flash storage) and need to understand what you'll be able to cut.

6. Use the Reading read
Windows 8.1 comes bundled with the all-new web somebody one, and if you are running it in begin screen mode you will notice a chunky book icon on the proper of the address bar once viewing sure pages. Click this icon to enter Reading read, wherever adverts and superfluous appurtenances square measure stripped away to depart solely the content you care concerning. you'll be able to conjointly send articles to the new Reading List app from the Share charm.

7. Get your libraries back
The File somebody in Windows eight.1 is not quite as keen on libraries (music, videos, photos so on) as its forerunner. Open up File somebody to search out the new renamed 'This PC' read, then opt for read > Navigation pane > Show libraries to bring them back on the left-hand facet.

8. produce a lock screen slideshow
One of the neat new options in Windows eight.1 is that the ability to line up a slideshow of images on the lock screen instead of one static image. From the Settings charm, opt for modification laptop settings > laptop and devices > Lock screen. Switch the slideshow choice to 'On' and you'll be able to specify an area folder or SkyDrive folder to supply pictures from.

9. Set a universal wallpaper

Get the sensation that your desktop scenery would look equally attractive on the beginning screen? No downside -- Windows eight.1 allows you to use an equivalent image for each. opt for the personalize possibility from the Settings charm on the beginning screen and you will see your current desktop wallpaper seem because the final possibility.

10. Save to SkyDrive
 Microsoft is incredibly keen for you to create use of its SkyDrive app, and with 8.1 it's a lot of integrated into Windows than ever before. From the Settings charm, choose amendment laptop settings then open up the SkyDrive page -- the choices here change you to use SkyDrive as your default save location, transfer photos mechanically and adjust configuration settings across multiple PCs.

11. Edit your photos
 Microsoft has been busy at work on several of the beginning screen apps, as well as Photos, that currently includes basic piece of writing tools. choose a picture from the Photos app to open it, then right-click and opt for Edit to access a spread of tools, filters and adjustment choices. 

12. Restart apps
 In Windows eight, dragging the highest of a begin screen app right down to all-time low of the show closed it. In 8.1, this makes the app disappear, however it remains running in task manager just in case you wish it once more. you'll be able to use a similar action to restart associate degree app, however rather than material possession go of the push button at all-time low of the screen, keep hold of it. The app card can turn, at that purpose you'll be able to bring it copy on screen to restart the app. 

13. Disable hot corners
 The 'hot corners' allow you to access touchscreen swipe operations (like gap the charms bar) with a mouse, however you'll be able to flip them off in Windows eight.1. Right-click the desktop taskbar, opt for Properties then open the Navigation tab. beneath the Corner navigation heading, you'll be able to disable high|the highest} left (open apps) and top right (Windows charms) corners. 

14. read the total apps list by default
 furthermore as launching the beginning screen or the desktop once your laptop boots up, you'll be able to opt to launch the All Apps screen instead (normally found by clicking the tiny down arrow within the lower left-hand corner of the beginning screen). you will find associate degree possibility for this by right-clicking on the taskbar, selecting Properties and gap up the Navigation tab. 

15. build fast calculations
Click the down arrow within the lower left-hand corner of the beginning screen and you will realize the new Calculator app enclosed in Windows eight.1. you'll be able to use it full-screen or keep it in an exceedingly docked window for creating fast calculations -- here's a typical read, a scientific read and a conversion tool that covers volume, length, weight, temperature and a lot of besides.

16. produce a system image 
Windows seven and Windows eight each enclosed a system image backup tool, however initially look it looks to possess disappeared in Windows eight.1. It hasn't really nonexistent, however it's been well hidden. Launch the desktop board, then opt for System and Security > File History window and therefore the System Image Backup possibility is down within the lower left-hand corner. 

17. Set alarms
Windows 8.1 includes a replacement Alarms app that may wake you up within the morning or cue you to require the dog out for a stroll. If it is not visible on the beginning screen, click the downward arrow within the bottom left-hand corner. you'll be able to set up continuation alarms, created a counting or run a timer. Note that alarms can solely ring once your laptop is awake. 

18. Dock your apps
Windows eight allow you to dock 2 apps aboard one another, however Windows eight.1 permits you to prepare 3, and modify the dock sizes at a similar time. Drag associate degree app from the highest right down to the facet of the screen to dock it. you may notice several of the beginning screen apps have mini-modes that they'll revert to. 

19. turn out universal search
 Enter a keyword or 2 into the Search charm and you will be conferred with a richness of matching results from your laptop, Windows settings and therefore the internet. For a less expansive, less unreal expertise, disable the net part via the Settings charm > amendment laptop settings > Search. 

20. Get a lot of facilitate
 maybe in recognition of all the Windows eight users United Nations agency were lost by the beginning screen, Microsoft has designed a special facilitate + Tips app into Windows eight.1 to create it easier to search out your means around. If you cannot realize it on the beginning screen, click the down arrow (bottom left) to ascertain the total list of put in apps. facilitate + Tips ought to be out there beneath the primary Apps section. If you have put in Windows eight.1 for an admirer or friend, you'll be able to stir up this app then bid them an honest evening.

21. Picture password:
Picture password is a feature introduced with Windows 8 that allows you to create three different gestures on any image of your choice and use those gestures as your password. The gesture can be any combination of circles, straight lines, and taps. For example if the picture you chose was of a face your picture password could be a tap on each eye and then a circle around the mouth.

How do I enable a Windows 8 picture password?

1. Open the Windows Charms.
2. Click Settings and then More PC settings
3. In the PC settings window click Users and then select Create a picture password.