Tuesday, January 7, 2014

10 Reasons You Ought To Upgrade To Windows 8.1

10 Reasons You Ought To Upgrade To Windows 8.1
10 Reasons You Ought To Upgrade To Windows 8.1

If you have been hanging on tightly to your Windows XP or Windows seven installation, the arrival of Windows eight.1 may simply tempt you to jettisoning, and we're on the brink of tell you why. Early Windows eight issues are smoothed out, additional options and tools are supplemental and Microsoft appears to be a lot of certain of its footing during this brave new world of mobiles, tablets, touchscreens and ancient computers. flick through our assortment of notable advantages that create eight.1 associate degree appealing upgrade, and why you ought to create the switch.

1. sensible Search
Search results from the net seem aboard your native files
By default, the new sensible Search in Windows eight.1 includes relevant results from Bing aboard files from your laptop and SkyDrive. It will not work for each search - and you'll be able to disable it if you do not am passionate about it - however it is a great tool to possess at your disposal.

Music searches show native tracks further as band info force from the net, for instance, and there square measure higher image search capabilities and improved web site previews.

2. New and improved apps
Start screen apps square measure increasing in variety and quality

Microsoft's own apps, like Mail and Photos, have gotten higher all the time, associate degreed third-party developers also are getting down to up their game - the beginning screen Netflix app is truly an improvement on the net interface, notably if you are employing a larger screen.

App moorage is improved too, thus you'll be able to a lot of simply use begin screen and desktop apps aboard one another, or maybe have 3 or four apps running at the same time on larger displays.

3. Cloud capabilities
SkyDrive integration is a lot of seamless than ever before

SkyDrive may not be known as SkyDrive for for much longer because of a legal challenge, however it's here to remain. Microsoft's cloud-based file storage system is best integrated into Windows eight.1 when the half-way-house of Windows eight, giving users easy syncing and backup, and creating it easier to share files on-line too. If you like Dropbox, there square measure free official desktop and begin screen apps offered.

4. Desktop tweaks
The introduction of 'This PC' is one amongst the changes on the desktop

If you are a pre-Windows eight user you'll well wish to pay most of it slow on the desktop, and there square measure enhancements afoot here too. Microsoft has introduced a Desktop show Scaling perform to reinforce performance on larger and smaller screens (or systems with 2 displays of differing resolutions), simplified the File person utility with a "This PC" read that replaces "Computer" and supplemental additional commands to the right-click begin menu (including Network Connections and shutdown).

5. a lot of customization
Windows 8.1 permits for a larger level of customisation

You can currently take way more management over the planning and feel of your begin screen than you'll in Windows eight. There square measure a lot of color and background selections, extra tile sizes, and also the choice to have a slideshow rather than a static image on the lock screen. you'll be able to even replace the beginning screen with the Apps page, if you like. On the desktop, you'll be able to modification the functions of the "hot corners" if you do not just like the approach they work by default.

6. Boot to the desktop
You can choose to boot straight to the desktop or the Apps list.

The Start screen is not deed anytime before long, however you'll be able to currently bypass it after you log in - Windows eight.1 allows you to boot up to the beginning screen, the Apps page or the desktop. what is a lot of, you'll be able to keep a similar wallpaper on each the desktop and also the begin screen if you would like to create the modification less forceful. If you are on a pill, it's easier to stay to the beginning screen; if you are on a standard laptop, it's easier to stay to the desktop.

7. a much better Store
The Windows eight.1 App Store finally appearance the half

When it absolutely was 1st introduced, the Windows eight Store felt half-baked. In Windows eight.1, it works and appears far better. Having all of your package beneath one roof may be a convenient approach of operating, and apps update mechanically currently further. the shop incorporates a style, with at-a-glance descriptions and ratings that create it easier to type through suggested programs and games thus you'll be able to spot the most effective of the new apps on the platform.

8. Skype
Skype works well once snapped to the facet of the desktop

Like SkyDrive, Skype is a vital a part of the Windows expertise in eight.1, delivery along video career, audio career and instant electronic communication beneath one virtual roof that is solely a click away (and exchange the Messages app at a similar time). Right from the lock screen, Microsoft guarantees Skype are "front and center" (which could sound appealing or off-putting reckoning on whether or not you like Google Hangouts).

9. Easier configuration
8.1 makes Windows' settings easier to manage.

More tech-savvy users United Nations agency get pleasure from a poke around in their laptop settings could have given Windows eight a miss due to the hodgepodge created by the beginning screen computer Settings app and also the acquainted desktop control board. Windows 8.1 incorporates a far more comprehensive Settings app, thus most of the choices {you're going|you square measure going} to want are offered from each places, and tweaking your machine is a lot of easy.

10. Future technical school
Windows 8.1 comes with a bunch of minor enhancements.

Windows 8.1 includes a bunch of a lot of minor enhancements and tweaks that create it future-proof, from native 3D printing capabilities and support for Wi-Fi Direct printers to the recent Paint digital design app shown off by Microsoft in recent days. dawdle and you run the chance of obtaining left behind.