Friday, January 3, 2014

Canon LBP 6000 Driver For Linux

Canon LBP6000 Driver For Linux
Canon LBP6000 Driver For Linux
Canon LBP6000 Driver For Linux:
CAPT Printer Driver for Linux Version 2.60
File version: V2.60
Operating system: Linux
Language: English

This software is a CAPT printer driver that provides printing functions for Canon LBP printers operating under the CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) environment, a printing system that operates on Linux operating systems. To use this software, please read the online manual before installing the driver. Installing the Auto Shutdown Tool allows the settings for the auto shutdown function to be configured for this product. Download the Auto Shutdown Tool from the web site. Install the Auto Shutdown Tool if you are using a product with one of the following serial numbers. LBP6020 (Serial numbers : MTNA002001 - MTNA999999) LBP6020B (Serial numbers : MTMA002001 - MTMA999999) LBP6200d (Serial numbers : MTPA00001 - MTPA99999) LBP6310dn (Serial numbers : MTLA002001 - MTLA999999) LBP7010C (Serial numbers : MTQA00001 - MTQA99999) LBP7018C (Serial numbers : MTRA00001 - MTRA99999) LBP7210Cdn (Serial numbers : MTKA002001 - MTKA999999) The serial number can be found on the back of the device
File version: V2.60
File Size: 61 MB
File name: Linux_CAPT_PrinterDriver_V260_uk_EN.tar.gz


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Canon LBP6000 Driver For Linux